December 17, 2017


Q?Do you come to me? Are you a Mobile Service?


          Yes, we are a fully equipped mobile service. We can perform all the functions of a detailing                           workshop at the convenience of your home or work.

          All we require from you is access to a power point, a tap and off the street parking.

Q?Do you guarantee and cover damage that occurs during Sticker Removal?
A.No, we do not. Unfortunately due to the nature of sticker removal it makes it very difficult to identify if there is pre-existing damage underneath the sticker. This includes, cracked or weakened paint, stone chips, scratches and other physical defects in the paintwork prior to the sticker being applied.

Removal of a sticker on weakened paint for example, is certain to mean that the paint will peel off with the sticker or signage.

Q?But I don’t have off the street parking, can I still get my car detailed at my place?
A.Yes we have two workshops Fyshwick and Belconnen

Q?What payment methods do you accept? Do you accept credit cards?
A.Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

We accept cash, cheques, Debit Cards and Credit Cards.


Q?I have swirl marks all over my car! Can you remove them?
A.BMW - 50/50 Paint Rejenvation

Yes we can.

Swirls are caused by general wear & tear but mainly attributed to improper washing techniques. This could be the cheap and nasty car washes around town or it can simply be a dirty sponge or chamois.

Overtime, these develop into thousands of micro-scratches forming the swirls you see. They reflect the light leaving a dull and unattractive finish to your vehicle’s paintwork.

The services we would recommend is an Exterior Detail + Machine buffing or Paint Rejuvenation in order to remove the swirls. Our operators will also inform you of the best ways to wash and maintain your vehicle to avoid these swirls redeveloping.

Q?Do you shampoo or steam clean the roof lining?
A.No, we will do our best and wipe over the lining with cleaning agents but we are unable to do a deep clean in comparison to your seats or floor.

Excessive moisture will dissolve or damage the glue holding the lining to the roof causing it to sag.

Q?My son/wife/husband/loved one has used a scourer/steel wool to clean my car and left scratches all over the surface. Can you fix this?
A.Paintwork may be beyond saving at this stage but can be improved.


Each vehicle’s damage is different, it all depends on the depth of the damage. This is treated like scratches, please see answer below.

The example if the photo illustrates very damaged vehicle. The paintwork was so old, the clear-coat was very thin and the damage was so extensive, we were only able to improve on its condition.

If you are unsure or would to ask us, please contact us.



Q?I don’t want to get my car resprayed, can fix or remove scratches on my car?
A.There is a general rule that we use that can help you to determine this. If you lightly run your finger or thumb nail along the scratch and it catches then that is usually a solid indication that the scratch is very deep, if it doesn’t catch then we have a good chance to remove the scratch.

Our machine buffing (Cut & Polish) service will remove most light to medium scratches.

Scratches which are heavier will require more intensive services such as paint rejuvenation or correction which are costlier but dedicated to improving the condition of the paintwork. Because each car is different, we suggest that you call us and we can provide advice and recommend which service would be suited.

Q?I have a bad smell/stain/mould in my car, can you remove it?
A.Although there is no absolute guarantee (because some things are just that smelly), we have great success in removing most bad smells from vehicles. This ranges from bio-hazardous substances like faecal matter, spilt dairy, vomit, damp & staleness or even mould.

The service we recommend is our full interior detail. This includes a shampoo, which will  soak and remove the stain/matter etc. All operators carry a range of deodorants and cleaning agents to tackle a wide range of tasks. We even offer a sanitising option for extreme cases that require the bacteria to be strongly removed.

After a shampoo, we recommend customers leave their windows open to allow the vehicle to air dry and if possible leave in direct sunlight

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